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Human Centric lighting (HCL) is a new type of lighting that changes dynamically to better suit people in different environments. HCL is currently undergoing many different research projects to see what strengths and weaknesses it may have.

The most common application of human centric lighting is changing brightness depending on the time of day. The light might be a bright white with high intensities of blue light to help people be more awake and attentive early in the day. Later, the light would slowly change to a warmer color with low intensity of blue light and higher intensity of yellow and red light to be more relaxing. Various research projects have shown this system makes employees more comfortable and more productive.

 In addition, HCL can sync up with each other to direct people where to go. Connecting a phone to a HCL system will allow the system to track your location. Perhaps you are looking for an empty room in the library to read. HCL can direct you to the nearest empty room and turn the lights on when you get there. This gives the opportunity for lights to be smarter, and more efficient.

HCL still has a long way to go in terms of applying standards. It is clear, however, that the introduction of the Internet of Things will assist HCL in becoming a widely adopted lighting format. Regardless of which standards are applicable to your product, let Product Safety Consulting Inc. be "Your Outsourced Compliance Department".

Natural colors produced by the sun

                          Natural colors produced by the sun.